Help us save the bees

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in beekeeping. We use the most advanced tools to further research into honeybee health. We have taken part in 4 startup competitions, and achieved good results.

What is microbiome?

Bee health depends on a healthy gut microbiome. The microbiome is a term scientists use to describe the composition of good bacteria (microbiota) that live inside bees. Our team is developing a product that would heal a disbalance in the bee gut microbiome that is caused by environmental factors thus improving honey yield and strengthening their immunity.

Why we think bees are in decline:

The use of pesticides in agriculture as well as environmental pollution and intensive agricultural practices are killing beneficial bacteria in bees and disrupting their natural balance. This makes the bees sick, weak and susceptible to parasitic and microbial infections.

How we want to solve this problem:

By introducing lab-cultured beneficial bacteria isolated from healthy bees in non-polluted areas, we hope to restore the natural microbial balance and stop bee decline. When bees are treated with our product, the metabolites that are excreted by symbiotic bacteria cause complex biochemichal reactions whithin the bees. This in turn leads to higher colony numbers, better immunity, and higher honey productivity by the bees.

The team:

Vladimir Zrnić


Beekeeping being a 30 year-long family tradition for him and an important source of income, Vladimir is especially devoted to our cause of stopping bee decline. 

He is a people person, and has many friends in the beekeeping industry in Croatia.

Filip Uljanić


With a Bsc. final thesis on the mechanisms of viral infections, Filip’s interests lie firmly in the microbiological field. 

He is a passionate seeker of truth in a postmodern world, but also thinks man’s pursuit of progress through science should hold altruistic values above all.

Danijel Selgrad


With experience volunteering in a lab working on cell culture lines, his main concern lies with practical matters such as the manufacture of our product. 

He is a simple and down to earth man, but has an artistic flare. He is therefore also responsible for the design and brand identity of our product.

Denise Paulišić


A student of business management, she is responsible for contacting prospective supporters of our quest and product. 

She is sociable and excells in presentations and communication of our initiative.